You do have personal choice. Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start. Addiction or a substance abuse often causes substantial personal confusion. You may be wondering, "What is the best route I should take to gain control of the addiction or substance abuse?"  It could be that Abstinence is the only way to gain control of your substance use. Harm Reduction techniques might be the answer. Or, Controlled Use could be the best method for you. The important goal for you is to take action now.

Addiction, dependence or abuse are the results of biological, psychological and social factors. To a certain extent you have the ability to control all three of these areas. Tools that can assist you in  having that needed control includes developing appropriate coping skills, learning and using cognitive behavioral techniques as well as understanding your own biology and how it interacts with your psychology and environment.

The consequences of uncontrolled use of substances affects every organ found within the human body. The affects are different for both men and woman. Long and short term misuse of alcohol and drugs can compromise one's sexual prowess, stimulate cancer growth, cause cardiovascular disease and promote less resourceful mental health issues. Long years of drinking can lead to Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome or "Wet Brain Disease." If not treated promptly Wet Brain Disease can and often leads to death. The ageing process speeds up considerably during the period of excess alcohol and drugs use.  When used by children, teens and young adults maturation slows to a standstill until the substance use is stopped. This population may be observed to be more immature then their peers. offers a client assistance program that will assist you in moderating,  reducing or eliminating your use of alcohol and or other drugs. You will be taught to control your use which in turn will offer you control over your own behavior. As this happens you will notice that the consequences of your behaviors will change for the better. Your health will improve and the environment that you live in will appear more positive.   It is Your Choice.  
The first session, usually from 1.5 to 2 hours in length, is $125.00. Each successive session is $95.00. The number of sessions will be determined by the severity of the addiction, dependence or abuse level. You are welcome to visit my office to discuss the assistance plan. There is no charge for this. MasterCard, Visa or Discovery Cards are accepted.