D I S - E A S E
Chronic Stress, tension and daily anxieties can all be precursors to deadly disease if left unchecked. Disease such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Irritable Bowl Syndrome, Heart Disease, Crohns Disease, Depression and even Periodontal Diseases are all aggravated by chronic stress and anxieties. Other medical issues such as  Spasmodic Torticollis or Trichotillomania (hair pulling) can also be aggravated by stress or excessive anxieties. Conditions that create stress and anxiety are a commonplace fixture in our fast paced society. Stress often causes "real" pain. Pain in the stomache. Pain in the shoulders. As Henry Kissinger once said, "There cannot be a stressful crisis next week. My schedule is already full." Some say that this seems to be even more true after retirement.
.The Relationship
The Cause
Expectations from others, from ourselves, from peers, family, bosses and dogma are only a small example of what creates the feeling of pressure to prove or show that we fit societies expectations. Attitudes from people directed towards others may be another source of tension, stress and anxieties.
The fast pace of our society appears to be another cause of pressure on our psyches. And you may know of many other stressors that you or others have been or are being affected by.

Some stress is so constant or chronic that we do not even realize that it is a problem or that it is causing real or imagined physical pain. Is it expectations, attitudes or the fast paced society that causes stress and tension or could it also be our interpretation of what we hear, see, smell or feel? How much of dis-ease have we created ourselves by not coping effectively with our sensory input.

The Control
It began in the mind so the mind should be the first place you visit. Most physical things that we see around us were first created in someone's mind, through imagination. Imagination is powerful. So powerful that it can create or destroy. And it is the "one thing" that is yours, the one thing that you can have control of. Let LifeStyle by Choice teach you strategies on gaining control of your mind.
Whether it is for stress, tension, excess anxieties or any of the myriad of dis-ease issues you can learn to
gain control over your mind chatter or excessive thoughts. You can be the in control. You can create calmness and personal tranquility. You can learn to control that "fight or flight" feeling when confronted with an outside stimulus or trigger. 

Employ mindfulness, self-hypnosis, pivot to a more resourceful thought, stimulate trance embedded calmness, or find that you walk with calmness and positive fortitude after LifeStyle by Choice therapy. It is time for your subconscious mind to serve you, not to sabotage you.
The Cost
The cost is on a per session basis. The first session which is between 1.5 & 2 hours has a cost of $125.00. Each session thereafter is $85.00.
What should I do to find out more or to make an appointment?
You are invited to come to the office to discuss your issue(s) at no cost to you. You will get a good ideal of what the next step is and how many sessions it may take. Together we can ascertain just how hypnotizable you are. You are also invited to call or email LifeStyle by Choice at your leisure. Now take the next step and click here for directions.


Periodontal Disease