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Joe Fred is a Musician and Healer who wants you to keep the love flowing. Notice how you experience more happiness, peace and joy as you quietly listen to his healing and relaxing music. It is Musical Hypnosis! Enjoy a free download of "The Light Shines..." by visiting his WEB site. Now enjoy Joe's tribute to his daughter and all the sons and daughters on our magnificent Earth.
Myron Eshowsky, M.S.(Counseling) is an Author, Mediator, Consultant, Shamanic Healer, and educator. He is a pioneer in the integration of shamanic methodology for the purpose of addressing modern problems. Myron Eshowsky is available for consultation & personal sessions at his office in Madison, Wisconsin. Myron's practice  includes sessions by phone.

Gina L. Van Lanen, National and State Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master Practioner offers a full range of therapeutic services. Gina's business is located in beautiful downtown Manitowoc.
Therapeutic Massage Works, LLC was birthed into Being to create a safe and nurturing space to uncover and discover one's own innate ability to heal. Through Massage Therapy, Bodywork, Workshops and Classes we will help guide and nurture your awareness of Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit and the space in between.
Madison, WI
Madison, WI
Manitowoc, WI
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