The Business Philosophy

Beauty is only skin deep. What did Sir Thomas Overbury mean when he stated this in 1613. Possibly that physical beauty is superficial as compared to the eternal wealth of inner beauty; the inner being that we are all born with. So now just close your eyes  and imagine yourself accessing that inner beauty. Be one with yourself.
Your inner beauty is rightfully yours. Most everything you see around you that has been created had first been imagined. First accepting your inner beauty allows you to begin the journey to imagine and create the physical beauty that you imagine and want.

Presently you may be creating endless mind chatter which undoubtedly gives birth to overweight and obesity. Does your mind chatter say "Eat it anyway!", "Just one more won't hurt.", I'll start dieting tomorrow." The LifeStyle by Choice (LBC) Philosophy will give you the tools to change that incessant mind chatter to "peace of mind". You will learn the principles of good eating habits while imagining and creating the beautiful you that you used to only imagine. So, just close your eyes, and begin imagining.   
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Proven Methods
LBC offers a 6 Session program. During each session you will experience deep
clinical hypnotherapy which will be designed to erase less resourceful mind chatter and replace it with peace of mind. You will also learn how to properly eat to live, rather than just live to eat. It's back to basics and understanding the fundamentals of good healthy eating. The 6 session program is approximately 13 hours of training and clinical hypnotherapy.

LBC also offers one-on-one weight management therapy for those who are already nutrition savvy but have difficulty controlling their food intake. Each session is approximately 1 to 1.5 hours in length.

Both methods include clinical hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioral counseling, Neuro-linguistic Programing (NLP) and mindfulness training.
The LBC 6 Session Program is $650. The first session is a 3 hour session and each session thereafter is is approximately 2 hours. Those completing the program can return indefinitely for weight management hypnotherapy for a minimum fee of only $55 per session.

One-on one weight management clinical therapy is charged at $125 for the first session
(usually 2 hours) and $85 every session thereafter.
100% Reimbursable Tax Credit

This is a tax credit not a tax deduction which means a 100% credit on your taxes if you meet the deduction requirements.  Refer to the 2009 Department of Treasury, IRS Publication 502-Medical & Dental Expenses. Type Publication 502 in the Search box in the upper right hand corner of the page to access this information.